Friday, 13 November 2015

How to Style Your Dining Room

By Greeley Gallery Furniture

Dining room is not an ordinary room where we eat and that’s it. It is more than that. It is also a party room, a conference room, a playroom, an office, a craft and creation studio, and much more than that! That is why we want it to be so special and in our image. Every home has its style; which style is yours?


Prisms, modern materials, natural colors and classic look combined to give a casual ambiance with a punch of fresh-looking.


Woodcut, brown-beige color scheme, textile with fine designs and candles for a warm ambiance and timeless design.

Metallic materials, dark and clear colors combined, mix of textures and rustic punch of wood to give an industrial loft-style without despising the comfort.

Vintage Casual:
A punch of old-style mix with a modern-style resulting of classical old fashion décor and furniture. Add to this wood, grey-beige color scheme and inspiration of yours and you obtain the vintage casual style than you will love forever.

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